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About the SJAA

        St. Jude Regional Catholic School and the SJAA are members of the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) and field many team sports (soccer, football, baseball, softball, basketball, and cheerleading) for students in grades 1 - 8, and T-ball for kindergartners.

        The SJAA policy is to provide a well-rounded sports program for parish children. The SJAA will continue to stress participation, first and foremost, in whatever sports are offered by the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO). The SJAA has the ability to support other programs that are deemed suitable by the board (for example: MSI, RBBA, Montgomery County recreation leagues, etc). The SJAA will continue to strive to compete at all levels of competition provided by the CYO and to choose the appropriate teams necessary to compete as representatives of the Shrine of St. Jude. The SJAA will continue to follow the motto, "so that every child has a place to play."

Purpose and Philosophy 

        The purpose of the SJAA is to coordinate, organize, foster, and encourage athletic activities in a fair and equitable manner. The SJAA sports programs are designed to reach for Catholic spiritual ideals through sports while developing good manners and sportsmanship.

        The philosophy of the SJAA is to assist the parish in its administration of a well-rounded athletic program, developing Catholic men and women through sportsmanship. The SJAA program is structured to provide early participation and exposure with gradual transition to competitive play. Competitive play provides the opportunity to develop commitment and teamwork while learning how to succeed.

Seventh grade girls working hard to win a game of tug of war at field day 2018
A sixth grade boy tries to dunk Vice Principal Mrs. Donatelli throwing out his first pitch
Former eighth grade student goes head-to-head with Ms. Kiersten Paul at the eight grade versus faculty game 2018

Participant Eligibility
The following details the list of participants who are eligible to participate on SJAA sponsored teams. (Please note that the applicable league rules for participation are also applicable to any team sponsored by the SJAA):
        -Children of St. Jude parish
        -Children who attend St. Jude Catholic school
        -Children who attend St. Jude Catholic school                    but belong to other parishes
        -Children from neighboring catholic parishes                    (without teams in the CYO) based upon                          approval by CYO and the SJAA
        -Other non-neighboring children (catholic or non              catholic) recommended to the SJAA                                  Coordinators and approved by the SJAA board
        -Non-catholic children approved by the SJAA                      who are eligible for league in which St. Jude                  participates

Team Selections
The SJAA, as previously noted, espouses the notion that every child has the right to play and participate in any sport that child selects. The SJAA, along with the coordinators of each individual sport, will attempt to properly place a child with a team that best suits that individual. Each group of athletes will be evaluated individually by the coaches and coordinators. Additionally, in keeping with doctrine set forth in the CYO handbook, teams will be divided to match the league's prescribed criteria.

In Mid-Atlantic competition as well as tournament teams, the CYO suggests that the teams be divided by skills to match the prescribed league. In non-tournament and instructional leagues it is suggested that teams be evenly distributed. In any effort to make the experience enjoyable for everyone involved these guidelines suggested by CYO will be followed.

It is the responsibility of the coordinator and coaches to decide how the players will be selected for each team. It is the responsibility of the parents to find out how the teams will be divided before the teams are selected. It is highly suggested that the coordinator for each group have a parent's meeting before the teams are divided to address all questions that parents or guardians may have.

Spring Soccer
The SJAA will sponsor this sport for 1st grade and 2nd grade (co-ed). These teams will compete in the CYO.

Intramural T-ball
The SJAA will sponsor co-ed T-ball to be played on the plateau at St. Jude's School for children in grades K-1st. This will be a purely instructional league.

Organization and Membership
The SJAA is an established Parish organization, sponsored by The Shrine of St. Jude (the parish), operating under the Pastor and approved by-laws, and functioning under an elected Board of Directors. The Pastor exercises responsibility for the SJAA and its activities. Membership in the SJAA consists of:
        -The Pastor (and an appointed moderator if so                 deemed by the Pastor)
        -SJAA Board Members
        -SJAA Athletic Director
        -SJAA Assistant Athletic Director
        -SJAA Program Coordinators
        -SJAA Coaches
        -Parents/Guardians of children currently                           participating in SJAA programs and activities
        -Persons assisting and supporting the SJAA                     through volunteer service

The SJAA Board consists of nine Board members who are elected by the membership to three year terms (commencing in July of the year elected and ending in June 3 years later), the Athletic Director (who is appointed by the Pastor and is a non voting member) and the Pastor or his appointed moderator.  Normally there are three board seats each year that are vacated. Nominations for board membership are solicited annually, in the spring, in accordance with the SJAA by-laws, with notification to the membership two weeks prior to elections. Anyone within The membership is eligible to run for a board seat. 

The board is responsible for the policy, planning oversight, guidance and fiscal management of the SJAA. From the nine elected board members, a chairperson is appointed by the pastor (or moderator).  A secretary and treasurer are named by a simple majority vote of the board members.

SJAA Membership

Chairman: Larry Young (301) 929-9051

Board Members Larry Young
  John Gibbons
  Karen Sanders
  Edwin Lopez
  George Welton
  Lisa Crivella
  Chris Sella
  Victoria Merideth
  Larry Kilmer
  Maura Bayly
Fundraising Committee  
Events/Volunteers Committee  
Banquets/Award Committee  
Golf Committee Liaison Edwin Lopez
Treasurer George Welton
Registrars Geoff Sanders
Program Coordinators  
Athletic Director Geoff Sanders
RBBA Baseball  
Basketball Edwin Lopez

Larry Kilmer
(301) 962-7979

  Jen Kilmer
T-Ball Larry Young


We can never have enough volunteers!  The SJAA is always willing to recruit, no matter which sport your child participates in.  We are always in need of help with fundraising, please contact us! Coaches and assistant coaches are also welcome.  Any of the good people on our board or any of the program coordinators would love to hear from you.