Former eighth grade students pose for a group shot in the computer lab, celebrating their production of the 2017-2018 yearbook

About Us

Every year a select group of 8th graders gather together to design and create the annual school yearbook. During the weekly meetings, the student editors choose photos, design layouts, and select themes using Herff Jones:Y is for Yearbook Program, an online design program. Creativity, collaboration, organization, dedication, and a sense of accomplishment push the students to create a stunning yearbook every year. 

Don’t wait to reserve your student’s copy of the 2018 - 2019 St. Jude Regional Catholic School yearbook! These are the days you will want to remember forever. Books will be distributed the last days of school. 

How to order your 2019 Yearbook:
1. Online ordering begins in January.
2. Pay with CASH or CHECK made out to SJRCS. Each book is $20.00 (same price as last year!)


Yearbook Club Jobs

Would you like to be an EDITOR?
Are you qualified to be an EDITOR?

Chief Editor: 
        -Responsible for coordinating the production of the book
        -Supervises the editors
Page Layout Editor: 
        -Decides where pages will be located in the book
Photo Editor:
        -Assigns photographers to cover special events and grade activities
Portrait Editor: 
        -Makes sure all class portraits and names are correct
Collage Editor: 
        -Decides and supervises the creation of collage pages.
        -Makes sure all grades and activities are represented in the book
Collage Layout Artists
Record Keeping:

        -Records attendance for every meeting of Yearbook Club


Yearbook Order Form

To print, press CTRL P.

If you would like to order with cash or check , please fill out the form and send in $20.00 in an envelope marked "Yearbook Order"   Thank you! 

Student Name: __________________________________________
            Grade: __________________________________________

If you would like to order extra books for siblings, the first book is $20.00. and any extra books are $18.00.

Extra book for: _____________________________ Grade: _____

Extra book for: _____________________________ Grade: _____

Extra book for: _____________________________ Grade: _____

# books ordered: ________ @ 20.00 = $ _________

# books ordered: ________ @ 18.00 = $ _________

                                                           Total $: _________

Thank you for your order for the 2018-2019 Yearbook!

The Yearbook Club