Adams, Pamela.jpg

Adams, Mrs. Pam
Ext. 206

Hampe, Carol.jpg

Hampe, Ms. Carol 
MS Science/Math/English
Ext. 220

Ardillo, Michelle.jpg

Ardillo, Mrs. Michelle
MS English/Lit
Ext. 222

Hayden, Sue.jpg

Hayden, Mrs. Sue
PreK 4A
Ext. 217

Arocho, Maria.jpg

Arocho, Mrs. Maria
PreK 3 Aide
Ext. 219

Horsley, Julie.jpg

Horsley, Mrs. Julie
PreK 4A Aide
Ext. 217

Balog, Katharine.jpg

Balog, Mrs. Katharine
4th Grade
Ext. 214

Lopez, Alexandra.jpg

Lopez, Mrs. Alexandra
PreK 3
Ext. 219

Bayly, Maura.jpg

Bayly, Ms. Maura
Pre K 4B
Ext. 216

Merideth, Victoria.jpg

Merideth, Mrs. Victoria
3rd Grade
Ext. 215

Benjamin, Glenn.jpg

Benjamin, Dr. Glenn
Ext. 102

Dr. Glenn J. Benjamin became principal of St. Jude Regional Catholic School at the start of the 2011-2012 school year. Prior to his being selected as the new school principal, Dr. Benjamin taught at Bishop McNamara (’02), Holy Redeemer in Kensington (02-04), San Miguel Middle School (04-06), and St. John’s College High School (06-11).

Dr. Benjamin is a product of ADW Catholic schools, having attended St. Elizabeth’s for grades 2-6 and St. John’s College High School for grades 7-12. He obtained a BA in Education Studies from The Catholic University of America in 2002 and a Master of Science in Educational Leadership from Johns Hopkins University in 2007. In 2019 he earned an Educational Doctorate in Interdisciplinary Leadership from Creighton University as well as a Master of Science in LaSallian Leadership from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota.

Dr. Benjamin and his wife Kimberly have two daughters, Kelsey and Madison, both students at SJRCS. In his spare time, he enjoys football, lacrosse, and being outdoors. His favorite book is The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien.

Miller, Frank.jpg

Miller, Mr. Frank
PE/MS History 

Brown, Tiffany.jpg

Brown, Mrs. Tiffany
2nd Grade
Ext. 213

O'Connell, Patricia.jpg

O’Connell, Mrs. Pat
5th Grade/MS Spanish/Math
Ext. 226

Cain, Katie.jpg

Cain, Mrs. Katie
7th Grade/MS Math
Ext. 221

Paul, Kiersten.jpg

Paul, Ms. Kiersten
6th Grade/MS English/Lit/History
Ext. 225

Cheng, Anna.jpg

Cheng, Ms. Anna
Ext. 209

Paz, Olga.jpg

Paz, Ms. Olga
Ext. 208

Collis, Courtney.jpg

Collis, Mrs. Courtney
Ext. 218

Phillip, Teresa.jpg

Phillip, Mrs. Teresa
1st Grade
Ext. 210

Cruz_Cathrine73.JPG Cruz, Ms. Cathrine
Ext. 103
Richter, Maureen.jpg

Richter, Maureen
Ext. 207


             Ext. 216

Saur, Gail.jpg

Saur, Mrs. Gail
Kindergarten Aide
Ext. 209

Donatelli, Jeanne.jpg

Donatelli, Mrs. Jeanne
8th Grade/Religion
Ext. 224

Sella, Rebecca.jpg

Sella, Ms. Rebecca
Computer Lab
Ext. 223

Donnelly, Ellen.jpg

Donnelly, Mrs. Ellen
Main Office
Ext. 100


Sella, Susan.jpg

Sella, Mrs. Susan
1st Grade Aide
Ext. 210

Guihen, Eileen.jpg Guihen, Mrs. Eileen
PreK 4B Aide
Ext. 216
White, Amy.jpg

White, Mrs. Amy
Ext. 211

Hammel, Stephanie.jpg

Hammel, Mrs. Stephanie
Ext. 218


Paz, Mr. Candi
Reyes, Mr. Ferdinando

Building Maintenance
Ext. 333