Tuition Rates (2021-2022)

Tuition rates are billed based on the parents’ parish affiliation and not that of family members (i.e., grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.). Proof of family affiliation will be verified by each parish.

Pre-School 3 year old Program  $9,225.00
Pre-School 4 year old Program  $9,225.00

Catholic (Kindergarten through 8th grade)
      One child    $8,365.00
      2 Children $15,530.00
      3 Children $21,270.00
      4 Children $25,625.00

Non-Catholic (Kindergarten through 8th grade) $9,792.00

The options for tuition payment are as follows:


Payments due in full in July


Payments due in July and January 


Payments due July, October, January,

    and April 


6, 10, 11, or 12 equal monthly payments


St. Jude Regional Catholic School utilizes TADS online tuition management software for payments. With TADS, you can make automatic payments from your checking or savings account. To enroll, you have the option of filling out a payment agreement form online or by requesting a form from the school office.

If you have any questions about online enrollment, feel free to ask the Main Office and/or call customer support at 1-800-477-8237.