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August 25, 2022

Dear St. Jude Community,

Participating in our children’s education is an incredible gift. As parents, we partner with St. Jude to ensure that our children have the best possible experience. The parent volunteer/school support program allows a wide range of school events and programs to happen. To ensure that all parents participate in the volunteer/school support program, I have met with the school board and several changes have been made.

Families will be required to complete 30 hours of volunteer/school support hours (15 hours for single-parent households, meaning only 1 parent participates in the child[ren] lives). Half of the hours must be completed December 16, 2022. Hours do not carry over. There will be a $15 fee assessed per each uncompleted hour. Once the fee has been assessed there can be no refund.

  December 16,2022 May 26, 2023 Total Hours Completed
Multi-Family Household 15 hours or $225 ($15 per incomplete hour) 15 hours or $225 ($15 per incomplete hour) 30 hours or $450 ($15 per incomplete hour)
Single Parent Household 7.5 hours or $112.50 ($15 per incomplete hour) 7.5 hours or $112.50 ($15 per incomplete hour) 15 hours or $225 ($15 per incomplete hour)

Please consider volunteering for playground and recess duty. We are in serious need of volunteers for playground and recess monitors, and without a sufficient number of VIRTUS trained adults we cannot send all of the children outside.

If you have any questions about the change to the volunteer/school support program please feel free to contact me. You can also review the program and some of the opportunities in the school handbook and during the school year in the Bulldog Brief.

We are…St. Jude!
God Bless,
Mrs. Donatelli


Eighth grade parents drop their kids off for their last first day



Jobs include typing, computer work, errands, weekly copying, or any job as indicated by the school office for the school office only. Contact: Ellen Donnelly, Main office

Babysitting is done for other families
whose parents are working a specific activity at or for the school. This does not include babysitting for your own children if your spouse is working a specific activity at or for the school. When signing the log book for babysitting, include the family name for whom you babysat and the activity in which they participated or the hours will not be counted. This is an occasional activity. Contact: TBA

Contact: Donna Zezzo, 301-840-1407

The focus of our annual Book Fair is to promote reading by offering new, high-quality and award-winning paperback and hardback books to readers of all ages.  The Book Fair is organized by the librarian and staffed by parent volunteers. All profits from the Book Fair benefit our school library. Contact: Maureen Richter, Librarian

St. Jude tries to assist you with the names of other families in your area who are looking for a car pool. Contact:  Main Office

Volunteers are needed based on teachers’ needs. If you are accompanying and assisting on a class field trip (scheduled and approved by the school), trip time is acceptable and will be counted toward required school support program hours. Aides are needed from September through June on school days only. Contact: Your child’s teacher

Helping hands are needed to assist the K – 4 classes in the Computer Lab. No experience necessary. Other positions: IT, planning for future technology implementation, grant writing and infrastructure updates. Contact: Abby Sullivan, Technology Coordinator

Contact: Ms. Karen Murphy, Drama Club Teacher

To ensure the safety of our students and maintain security for the school, volunteers are needed as Hall Monitors to patrol the hallways and classrooms of the school on a daily basis between the hours of 8:20 am and 3:00 pm. This is an extremely important job and should be taken very seriously. Contact: Main Office

Contact: Main Office

Volunteers are needed to assist with the various sports activities during the two Field Days held in May, one for the Middle School (5-8) and one for K-4. Siblings are welcome at teachers’ approval only. Duties include arriving on time to scheduled event, having a basic understanding of station as per packet instruction, assisting students in performing activity required at each station, making sure group stays intact and on task, assisting coordinator with set up and break down of all stations, assisting coordinator as needed, and keeping children safe at all times. Contact: Mr. Frank Miller, PE teacher

Give Your Way is the annual fund campaign at St. Jude that runs from October - April.  It is designed to encourage giving at the school, parish(es) and community level. The GYW Chair manages a master mailing list, coordinates the Fall mailing, marketing (school newsletter & periodic school-wide emails), tracks donations on Excel spreadsheet, organizes thank you letters, writes honor roll of donators, updates Website. Additionally, the chair is the HSA campaign liaison, attending HSA meetings to provide updates and encourage program participation. The chair works closely with the school principal regarding donation categories. Contact: Main Office

Volunteers are needed to assist the gym teacher. Aides are needed at all grade levels. No siblings. Contact: Mr. Frank Miller, PE teacher

Volunteers are needed to work each Monday through Friday serving lunch to the students, from 11:15 am. to 1:30 pm. Each volunteer is needed to help in setup, kitchen work, cleanup etc. Teams are formed to cover each week of the month. This program runs from October to May.

Volunteers are needed to assist the librarian in daily activities. Includes shelving books, checking out books, storytelling. No siblings. Contact: Maureen Richter, Librarian

Volunteers are needed from 11:30 am to 1 pm Monday through Friday to monitor classrooms during lunch period, and to monitor all playground/parking lot areas and adjoining fields during recess.  Duties include overseeing and disciplining children, and diverting vehicles and strangers from areas where children are playing. Lunchtime Playground Monitors have the option of receiving a stipend of $15.00 per day after they have fulfilled their 40 hours. The stipend is paid once a month, and the monitor must work at least twice a week to qualify. Contact: Otis Sangster 

Volunteers are needed to sort, tag, fold, and/or hang donated uniform items. In addition, we need volunteers to "man" the store during busy times (start of school, change of uniform in Spring) and during the regular monthly open hours. Contact: Eden Negash


A volunteer is needed to coordinate our Milk Program. Over the summer months, the coordinator will need to contact the chosen dairy for prices and delivery days; write a letter to parents giving price, choice of flavors, and date to have monies paid before school starts (this should be done twice a year as the milk prices change); tally orders; deposit checks; mark those receiving milk on class lists and make copies for teachers, office, and yourself;  make hall list for the milk counters showing the number of milks sent to each class room;  make monthly calendar  to place on the refrigerator to show the daily consumption (this count is very important as you need it to do the monthly report); collect this calendar along with milk order sheets (in office) from dairy each month so you can fill out the monthly report and call in your report to MD State Dept. of Education; and pay Milk Company monthly. Additionally, you will need the daily absentee number each month (obtained from Cathrine Cruz) for your annual report from the State, which is due after the milk delivery is finished in June; and clean milk crates weekly and refrigerator as needed, usually 5 times a year. Contact: Main Office

OUTDOOR EDUCATION CHAPERONE (open to 6th grade parents only; 25 hours if staying overnight)
6th grade students go overnight to Accokeek, MD, to learn about nature and the importance of working on a farm.  Students stay at a lodge that has two separate bunkrooms. Parents are needed to drive students both ways and to chaperone the trip. Contact: Ms. Kiersten Paul, 6th Grade Teacher

Volunteers needed as morning monitors from 7:50 am to 8:20 am, Monday through Friday, on the blacktop overseeing student activities, ensuring safety, and diverting traffic. In case of bad weather, parents will monitor the school hallways. Siblings welcome.  Contact: Otis Sangster

Volunteers may be needed to do repair work in the school as requested or deemed necessary by the Principal. Contact: Main Office

The purpose of the School Advisory Board (referred to as the Board or Advisory Board) is to provide advice and assistance to the school's administrative team (Pastor and Principal) in the governance of the school. Contact: Main Office

Contact: Main Office

Contact: Main Office

There are many 8th grade traditions that require an abundance of volunteers. Look for more details as each event draws nearer. Activities include, but are not limited to, the annual 8th grade students vs teachers/parents basketball game; 8th grade dance, and many fundraisers to help keep the cost of 8th grade events to a minimum. Contact: Mrs. Kate McGowan, 8th Grade Teacher 

The Home School Association is the organization that serves the parents of the school and is the fundraising arm of the school. There are many opportunities to earn school support hours through the many HSA-sponsored events each school year. Watch the Bulldog Brief newsletter for more details or contact any member of the HSA board. Additionally, hours can be obtained by attending HSA meetings as scheduled or serving on the HSA board (elections are held each spring for the two vacant positions).  All parents are considered members of the HSA and are encouraged to attend the meetings. This is where your voice can be heard about OUR school. Contact: Cindy Flores, HSA vice president

This event is usually held at the end of January/beginning of February each year. At this time we celebrate Catholic education.  Volunteers are needed to assist with the many activities held during the week, such as community service projects, lunch for the teachers, open house for the community, and much more. Contact: Main Office

Volunteers are needed to plan and run Family Bingo Nights a few times each school year. Contact Sandra Cortez, HSA president

Volunteers are needed to help with the many fundraising efforts led by the HSA each school year. Contact: Main Office

St. Jude Regional Catholic School has a silent auction/dinner every other year (even-numbered year). If you are interested in chairing the event, please contact the principal.  Volunteers are needed in many capacities prior to the event, including serving on the committee, soliciting ad sales, soliciting donations, etc. Volunteers are needed the day before and the day of the event to set-up, decorate, and clean-up. Volunteers are also needed to check-in and check-out attendees. Contact: Mr. Maurano

Sponsors for new families entering the school are essential. Volunteers will be responsible for assisting new families to acclimate themselves to the policies, procedures, activities and events of the school. Sponsors must attend New Parents Night in August. Contact: Mrs. Barish

Room Parents assist teachers with projects, parties, or any teacher-approved activity. Room Parents are assigned at the beginning of the school year and will need the assistance of other parents for baking, telephoning, setup, cleanup, etc. Room Parents also help with Catholic Schools Week activities. Contact: Mrs. Barish