About Us

The Drama Club is an audition-based group open to grades 6-8.  We host weekly meetings in the fall and follow a rigorous winter/spring schedule to prepare for the musical.  Students may choose to join cast or crew for the production.

For more information contact Karen Murphy

Past shows include:
2019, Into the Woods Jr.
2018, Legally Blonde, Jr.
2017, Bye Bye Birdie, YPE
2016, 1776
2015, Aladdin, Jr.
2014, Annie
2013, The Wizard of Oz


Important Documents

Guide Vocals

Performance Accompaniment

Pronunciation Guide Tracks

Parts Recordings

Title Filename Date Posted Size
ancestor ensemble.pdf ancestor_ensemble.pdf 2/28/22 274.71 KB
chief ancestor costume.docx chief_ancestor_costume.docx 2/28/22 25.33 KB
Costume Needs - maui.docx Costume_Needs_-_maui.docx 2/28/22 25.23 KB
Costume Needs - monster.docx Costume_Needs_-_monster.docx 2/28/22 25.78 KB
Costume Needs - ocean.docx Costume_Needs_-_ocean.docx 2/28/22 24.05 KB
Costume Needs - shiny.docx Costume_Needs_-_shiny.docx 2/28/22 26.17 KB
Costume Needs - villager ensemble.docx Costume_Needs_-_villager_ensemble.docx 2/28/22 24.97 KB