Dear Parents or Guardians:

You are invited to sign up for Parent/Teacher Conferences with your child's teacher(s).

            REGISTRATION ENDS 24 hours before conference date            

Register online now using your child's teacher's Sign-Up Genius (see chart below).  If you have any questions, please reach out to the teacher.

We sincerely hope you will be able to attend a meeting to discuss the academic progress of your child(ren).

Best regards, 
The Teachers at St. Jude Regional Catholic School

Mrs. Alexandra Lopez

Pre-K 3



Pre-K 3 & 4

Mrs. Teresa Phillip Kindergarten


Mrs. Tiffany Brown First Grade


Mrs. Amy Rueth

Second Grade


Mrs. Victoria Merideth

Third Grade

Mrs. Katharine Balog

Fourth Grade  

Ms. Rebecca Sella

5-8 Spanish
5 Math 


Ms. Kiersten Paul

5-6 English
5 Literature
6 Literature Blue
5 History


Mrs. Katie Cain


6-8 Math



Mrs. Michelle Ardillo

5-8 Religion

Ms. Carol Hampe

5-8 Science
6 History
6 Lit Red


Mrs. Kathryn McGowan

7-8 English + Literature  

Mr. Frank Miller

7-8 History


Mrs. Karen Murphy

K-8 Resource

Mrs. Amy White

K-8 Music

Mrs. Olga Sella

K-8 Art


Mrs. Abby Sullivan

K-8 Computers