Dear Parents or Guardians:

You are invited to sign up for Parent/Teacher Conferences with your child's teacher(s).

            DATES:  November 10th & 11th, 2022
            PLACE:  St. Jude Regional Catholic School (Teachers' classrooms)
            REGISTRATION ENDS 24 hours before conference date            

Register online now using your child's teacher's Sign-Up Genius (see chart below).  If you have any questions, please reach out to the teacher.

We sincerely hope you will be able to attend a meeting to discuss the academic progress of your child(ren).

Best regards, 
The Teachers at St. Jude Regional Catholic School

Mrs. Alexandra Lopez

Pre-K 3


Please see Mrs. Lopez's email regarding conference scheduling

Mrs. Tracy Potocko

Pre-K 3 & 4

Sign Up Genius

Mrs. Mary Patricia O'Connell Pre-K 4

Sign Up Genius

Mrs. Teresa Phillip


Sign Up Genius

Mrs. Tiffany Brown

First Grade

Sign Up Genius

Ms. Lily Ehart

Second Grade

Sign Up Genius

Ms. RoseMarie Luzon

Third Grade

Sign Up Genius

Mrs. Katharine Balog

Fourth Grade

Sign Up Genius

Mr. Mike Norris

5-6 English, Literature, History

Sign Up Genius

Mrs. Katie Cain


5-8 Math


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Mrs. Jeanne Donatelli

5-8 Religion

Sign Up Genius

Ms. Carol Hampe


4 Science

5-8 Science

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Mrs. Michelle Ardillo

7-8 English + Literature

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Mr. Frank Miller

7-8 History

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Mrs. Karen Murphy

K-8 Resource

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Mrs. Amy White

K-8 Music

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Mrs. Olga Sella

K-8 Art

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Mrs. Rebecca Sella

K-8 Computers

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Mrs. Amy Rueth Lower School Resource Sign Up Genius