Father Juan Pablo delivering a homily in the Church
Sun streams into the Church through a blue stained glass window
Young students gather at the back of the church preparing to present the gifts of bread and wine


Our program uses scriptures, prayer, and decision-making skills to teach our students about their faith. The history of the Church, its seasons and saints, as well as current issues, are discussed in order to give the student a true living concept of their religion, with special awareness that service is and should be an integral part of a living faith. 

   To view more information about the Shrine of St. Jude: http://ShrineStJude.org
   For more information about the Archdiocese of Washington: https://adw.org/

Religious Instruction Curriculum

In order to foster the spiritual development, all students receive training in the Catholic faith on a daily basis. 
Students actively participate as lectors, altar servers, gift bearers, and choir during Mass on Friday mornings. Middle School students go to Adoration on Thursdays during religion class. Rosary is offered every Tuesday in the Chapel. The Children's Choir sings during the 1st and 3rd Friday of every month.  Students also go to Confession as a school on the last Tuesday of every month.  

Instruction for preparation of the First Penance and First Communion are given to students in grade 2 and for older students who have not yet received these Sacraments. Confirmation instruction is given to students in grade 7.