Principal Jeanne Donatelli

     St. Jude Regional Catholic School is a coeducational school that educates students both academically and spiritually in grades PreK3-Eighth grade. We are a diverse, faith filled community that welcomes all religious, ethnic, and racial backgrounds.  We believe that all students can excel academically by using the gifts that God gave each of them so that they will develop a positive attitude towards learning.  Parents play a crucial role in the education of our students.  We realize that parents are the primary educators, and we welcome and encourage parent involvement both academically and spiritually. We believe that each child is a gift from God and is made in His image and likeness.  Our students learn the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy and are given many opportunities throughout the school year to serve others as Jesus did.  At St. Jude, the students live out the Cardinal Virtues of Justice, Prudence, Fortitude, and Temperance. The Virtues are our guides of how we learn each day, respect others, and grow in love for each other and God throughout the school year. 

          May God bless us during this school year and may the Blessed Mother keep us close and guide us.

St. Jude Thaddeus… Pray for us
We Are... St. Jude!
Jeanne Donatelli