About the SJAA

The St. Jude Athletic Association (SJAA) works with the St. Jude Regional Catholic School as well as the Shrine of St. Jude Parish to field and support teams for all age groups (from pre-k through high school) for a variety of sports including soccer, basketball, baseball and softball. The purpose and philosophy of the SJAA is to assist the parish in its administration of a well-rounded athletic program, developing Catholic men and women through sportsmanship.

The SJAA program is structured to provide early participation and exposure with gradual transition to competitive play. Competitive play provides the opportunity to develop commitment and teamwork while learning how to succeed. The SJAA strives to provide a well-rounded sports program for school and parish children and stresses participation, first and foremost, in all sports activities. The SJAA firmly believes that every child should have an opportunity to participate and any child with an desire to participate will never be denied the opportunity.

The SJAA works closely with the Archdiocese of Washington’s Catholic Youth Organization Office (CYO) to coordinate many of these activities but some sports such as baseball and some soccer activities are coordinated with groups outside of CYO. Please refer to the specific sports pages for more details.

For those sports activities coordinated through CYO all registrations must be done through the Sports Pilot system.

Board Members include:

Larry Young – Chairman
Teddy Ramet – Treasurer
Edwin Lopez – Golf Chair/Basketball Coordinator
Larry Kilmer – Soccer Coordinator
Barry Oseroff
John Greene
Brian McMahon
Tassos Argyros 
Mike Goss 
Rich Barish 
Joaquin Velazquez

Please feel free to contact the SJAA at stjudesaa@gmail.com.


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